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Experiments with Quicksand  Quicksand: how to make a box of quicksand
Experiments with Giants  Giants: how to make yourself into a telescopic giant
Experiments with Mind Reading  Mind Reading: how to mind read with coins / how to mind read by telephone
Experiments with Giants  More Mind Reading: how to mind read with hands / how to mind read with names
Experiments with Names  Names: how to grow your name on a towel / how to etch your name on an eggshell
Experiments with Propulsion  Propulsion: how to make an oil powered shark / how to make a steam powered cigar tube
Experiments with Drinking  Drinking: how to hold a drink upside-down / how to stop someone drinking through a straw
Experiments with Fakes  Fakes: how to detect a fake diamond / how to detect fake silver cutlery
Experiments with Confusion  Confusion: how to sense a dead hand / how to sense two noses
Experiments with Five Pound Notes  Five Pound Notes: how to change the Queen's expression / how to find Prince Charles
Experiments with Mites  Mites: how to watch cheese mites / how to watch follicle mites

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