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Oranges Experiments Oranges: how to make orange peel fangs / how to turn an orange into an apple
Apples Experiments Apples: how to get an apple into a milk bottle / how to write your name on an apple
Cress Experiments Cress: how to grow salad on a sponge / how to grow your name
Potato Experiments Potatoes: how to cook potatoes with the sun / how to make a potato find its way through a maze
Banana Experiments Bananas: how to slice a banana without peeling it / how to ask a banana a question
More Banana Experiments More Bananas: how to peel bananas automatically / how to make lubricating oil out of bananas
Sugar Experiments Sugar: how to make sherbet / how to burn sugar lumps
Doughnut Experiments Doughnuts: how to chop a doughnut into 13 pieces with three cuts
Carrot Experiments Carrots: how to grow carrot leaves / how to grow carrot leaves upside-down
Sugar Cube Experiments Sugarcubes: how to make a sugar lump penetrate wood / how to make things jump out of a cup of tea
Yoghurt Experiments Yoghurt : how to make yoghurt / how to make live yoghurt


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